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Take a Virtual Tour of the world's largest ride park, Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio.

To take the tour, just click on the section of the map which is of interest, or select the desired area below. To take the tour in order, just select the Introduction, then proceed from there.

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 GateKeeper - New in 2013
Just a few brief remarks about Cedar Point and the reason why The Point is on my web page.
Main Midway
Located at the front of the park, this section includes two roller coasters, including my favorite.
Wildcat Midway
Roughly in the center of the park, this section includes three roller coasters.  How much can you stand?
Frontier Trail
Frontier Trail goes back to the pioneer days, but its newest feature, stretching 310 feet into the sky, is strikingly modern. In addition to having the park's longest coaster, this section of the park is also a great place to get wet on hot days.
It's High Noon in the Old West, and time for a showdown with three more Cedar Point coasters. In 2007, Maverick was the new sheriff in town.  The Old West was never this wild!
Gemini Midway
Running through the northern part of the park, this section contains six coasters, including a family coaster, and a training coaster for the young'uns.  Stretching an incredible 420 feet into the sky is this midway's newest coaster, Top Thrill Dragster.  It's time to Race for the Sky!
Twister Midway
There are two more coasters here, and a few spinning rides, including 2005's maXair.  Adding fun for Cedar Point's smaller guests, Planet Snoopy enters orbit here in 2008.
Soak City and Challenge Park
Along Cedar Point's northern shore is even more excitement, with a huge waterpark, two miniature golf courses, grand prix tracks, an intense spinning ride, and a sky coaster.
Cedar Point Resorts
There's just too much for one day at The Point, but Cedar Point Resorts provides a fantastic place to stay. If you stayed any closer, you'd wake up on a roller coaster.  It's also great for camping buffs!  (However, no fair camping IN the buff -- Cedar Point's a family park, not a park for making families!)
Now, there's even a year-round option with the Castaway Bay resort, including an indoor waterpark, allowing Cedar Point fun any time of the year.

This Cedar Point site is constructed and maintained by Harpo!
Created June 18, 1997.
Last updated April 14, 2013.

My apologies for the slowness of updates.  I had a daughter on January 18, 2009, followed by a son on October 4, 2010.  Additionally, I started a new job in 2008 that involves a lot of travel.  As a result, I have a hard time finding the time to update this site.  Cedar Point is still a passion of mine, and I still visit every year.  2013 will be my 44th consecutive year visiting the park.

Although I don't have the time tonight to work on a full update, here are some highlights of what has happened in each section of the park since my last major update:

On the Main Midway:  Demon Drop has departed.  It has been relocated to Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  Ocean Motion has been moved into the site formerly occupied by Demon Drop.  Pink's Hot Dogs has been added as an eating option.

On the Wildcat Midway:  This midway needs a new name.  Wildcat did not return for the 2012 season.  A new evening light show, however, did debut on this midway.

On the Frontier Trail:  A new water flume, Shoot The Rapids, has been added.  As a result of a charity auction, I was on the first boat to leave the station!

In Frontiertown:  Not much has changed since my last update.

On the Gemini Midway:  An old favorite sailed for the last time.  Paddle Wheel Excursions is gone.  Due to a charity auction, my wife, my kids, and I rode on the very last boat, with Mr. & Mrs. Kinzel riding along.  The island now has Dinosaurs Alive, an animatronic dinosaur exhibit.

On the Twister Midway:  Lots of changes taking place here.  Ocean Motion has been moved to the Main Midway.  In its place is Windseeker.  Chaos has been retired.  Disaster Transport has made its last flight to Alaska.  A real heartbreaker for me, Space Spiral has come tumbling down.  Disaster Transport and Space Spiral gave way to the exciting new addition for 2013, Gatekeeper.  It looks like it will be a great coaster, but I'm definitely going to miss Space Spiral!

In Soak City:  A new racing water slide has been added.

I certainly hope I'll find the time to do thorough updates.  I've got the pictures... I just have to find the time!  Meanwhile, have a great time at Cedar Point!

Introduction updated April 14, 2013.

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