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Cedar Point Virtual Tour

The Main Midway contains some of the oldest structures in the park, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty to do! This area of the park contains eleven rides, including two roller coasters. In addition, there are several arcades, a portion of the skill games area, lots of food, and, of course, a Guessing Game. (Hey, I was a guesser, remember? I have to get those plugs in where I can!)

The Rides

We start the tour in a logical way, by entering through the front gate. The history of the park is immediately apparent as we run straight into an antique carousel, one of three on the Cedar Point property. This Muller carousel is Cedar Point's oldest ride, having arrived at The Point in 1946.  The ride is older than that, however.  It is estimated to have been built in 1912.  The carousel was given a new building when it was moved to this location in 1994 to make way for Raptor.  This ride is on the National Register of Historic Places. 

With three of them, Cedar Point operates more antique carousels than anywhere else in the world.  Combined, these classic rides entertain more than 2 million riders each year.

Antique Carousel
Demon Drop Turning to the right, we find Demon Drop, Cedar Point's free-fall ride. This ride may only last a few seconds, but those few seconds are quite a thrill! Demon Drop is more than just a ride, it is also a science experiment. Science classes frequently visit Cedar Point to study the physics of the rides. Since Demon Drop allows the experience of weightlessness, it is one of the key scientific experiments presented by those science classes. 

Not sure if you can take the excitement of a free-fall? Treat it as an experiment. When the ride reaches the top, place a coin on your knee. When the ride falls, you can watch that coin float right down with you, hovering just above your knee. 

While I was working at the park in 1987, my girlfriend and I decided to perform this experiment using a nickel, but we wanted to add a challenge -- could we catch the nickel at the bottom? As the ride curved off to slow down, I grabbed for the nickel as it bounced off my knee, but the best I could do was to bat it into the seat behind us. Digging around in the seat, we discovered a quarter, but couldn't find the nickel. Naturally, we concluded that the drop, in combination with the contact with my knee and hand, plus the motion into the seat, somehow converted the nickel into a quarter. Go ahead -- just try and prove it wrong! :) 

Great America near Chicago used to have a similar ride called The Edge. The Edge, unfortunately, was the scene of a disaster. One car was going up the shaft, while another car was loaded into the bottom of the shaft. The first car stopped before it reached the top. It then proceeded to drop straight back down the shaft, onto the second car. Cedar Point has a tremendous safety record, and they want to keep it that way. As a result of Great America's accident, Cedar Point immediately reworked the loading mechanism on Demon Drop so only one car would ever be in the shaft at a given time. 

Here's a Demon Drop story, and a rumor which I attached to it. During the Demon Drop's first season, a man with known heart trouble decided to experience the ride, despite the warnings about riding with heart problems. This man, however, had experienced all of Cedar Point's roller coasters, and didn't think Demon Drop would be much worse. Unfortunately, he did not count on the fact that a free-fall is harder on the body than the other roller coaster hills. He suffered a heart attack while on the ride. Ever since that first season, one particular car has had a bit of a tendency to get stuck at the top, dangling over the edge. It is my rumor that the ghost of that man is holding the car, trying to keep it from falling, and thereby trying to prevent his heart attack. OK, so Cedar Point won't admit to it -- I like that ghost story, anyway! There is a moral, here. If you are not in good health, you may want to forego some of Cedar Point's thrill rides. This story is one of those rumors where the facts were not quite as exciting. I have recently been informed that the man depicted in the story actually suffered heart palpitations, for which he was rushed to the hospital. During my years of working at The Point, however, I have known of the occasional heart attack, so the warnings should still be heeded.

Cedar Point does have a sense of humor, but not about safety. When the rework was performed in response to Great America's accident, one of the Demon Drop cars needed to be removed. The end of Demon Drop points towards the parking lot. Cedar Point has not taken advantage of some potential humor. I have felt that they should take that Demon Drop car, slam it into an automobile, and wheel it out into the parking lot at the end of every day. They could say, "Whoops! One got away!" Odd, Cedar Point didn't think it was all that funny!

By the way, if you really like the Cedar Point Virtual Tour, you can show your appreciation by purchasing Demon Drop for the author of this site.  Cedar Point is currently selling the ride for a mere $250,000.  The park has indicated that the ride will remain in operation until it is sold.  So, when you visit the park, be sure to ride Demon Drop -- there's no way of knowing when it will give its last ride at Cedar Point!

Sky Ride As we continue along the midway, we see the Sky Ride. This ride's motto is, "Closed Due To Weather Conditions." I didn't get a picture of the ride during my first attempt, since, at that time, the ride was closed due to weather conditions. Imagine that. These pictures reflect the new station colors for 2004. Sky Ride is a cable car ride, which carries you the length of the Main Midway. Views from the Sky Ride are very nice, and the ride is quite relaxing. Being on a peninsula, however, Cedar Point can be a bit windy. For obvious safety reasons, Sky Ride does not run when the winds are too strong. When it is running, note that Sky Ride is used primarily as a transportation mechanism. The travels are one way. If you want to return to where you started, you will need to exit the ride at the destination station, then get back in line at that station to return to the origination station. 
Sky Ride
We continue on our tour by looking at a massive structure to our left...
Raptor Rules The Sky!
Soaring through the sky, screeching as it stalks its prey, here is Raptor!  Raptor is an inverted roller coaster that was built in 1994. At the time, it was the tallest, fastest, and steepest inverted roller coaster ever built. Raptor will twist your brain as it turns you upside-down six times, all on the outside of the track! Your feet are hanging free as you go screaming over Cedar Point's Main Midway. Be careful not to lose your shoes! 

That first drop provides a great visual experience, as it twists over the top of the Main Midway, just before screaming down into the vertical loop.

Raptor The picture on the left is actually taken from outside the park, looking past the Blue Streak. You'll meet the Blue Streak a bit later. In this picture, notice the legs sticking up as Raptor swoops along the outside of the first loop. The picture on the right shows a bit larger an overview of the Raptor track, taken from the Main Midway. At the time that picture was taken, Raptor was closed due to extremely high winds. Believe me, it takes a lot of wind to shut down a big coaster like that! Looking at the left of that picture, you can also see the first hill of the Blue Streak in the background. 

In the picture on the left, looking straight through the Raptor loop, you can see one of the Sky Ride cars.

The top picture to the right is a view of Raptor and Demon Drop as seen from the Giant Wheel, Cedar Point's Ferris wheel. 

The bottom picture provides a better look at the dangling feet. There isn't a bad seat on Raptor, but the front definitely gives the most exciting experience, as you cannot see any indication of where you are going, or when you will be turning upside-down! It is also a great place to view the park, as you hang for a couple of seconds over the midway just before Raptor starts its first drop. What a rush! 

For a sheer thrill, don't ignore the back seat. As with most coasters, you get quite a whipping effect in the back. If the wait is too long for the front seat, I pick the back as my second choice. 

Many people think Raptor is short for Velociraptor, like from the movie Jurassic Park. They couldn't be more wrong. A Raptor is a bird of prey. In the case of this Raptor, it is an extremely large bird of prey, swooping down over Cedar Point's midways!



Riding Raptor
Cedar Point publicly claims that Raptor was built to celebrate 125 exciting Cedar Point summers. Of course, I know better. Cedar Point actually built Raptor for me, since it was my 25th straight summer visiting the park. Let's look at the facts: First, 1994 was my 25th straight season at Cedar Point, with the time spent as a guest, 4 year employee, and Cedar Fair stock holder. Second, the ride was placed directly on the site of the first Cedar Point ride I ever rode, namely the old Mill Race, which was leveled to make way for Raptor. (I miss the Mill Race, but, having been the third water flume ride ever built, it was just a bit past its prime!) Third, the ride was painted green, which has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. Fourth, I immediately recognized Raptor as my favorite roller coaster. Not surprising, since it is still one of the world's top-ranked coasters. Finally, Cedar Point sent me a Raptor mug, Raptor poster, and Raptor video to celebrate my 25th year at the park. I think the evidence speaks for itself! :) 

In this photo, I'm in my favorite seat.  This seat is the front right seat.  I believe it is the single best roller coaster seat I've ever experienced.  I highly recommend it!

Before you get the hopes up of the kids, keep in mind that Raptor shares the tallest height requirement in the park. Riders must be 127 inches tall to ride! Alright, you caught me, you only need to be 54 inches tall. In contrast, most of the coasters only have a 48 inch tall height requirement. Sorry, sitting on phone books is not allowed.

Before we travel farther along the Main Midway, we are going to turn left under the Raptor track. As we look straight ahead, we see the first hill of the Blue Streak.

Blue Streak
Blue Streak
Blue Streak
The Blue Streak is a classic Cedar Point coaster. Built in 1964 by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company, it is Cedar Point's oldest coaster, yet it still thrills over a million people a year. 

The Blue Streak was named in honor of the local Sandusky High School, which carries the nickname of The Blue Streaks.

Blue Streak
Blue Streak
In its earlier history, Cedar Point had quite a few roller coasters. However, the 30's, 40's and 50's were a rough time for the old park, and the coasters fell into disrepair. The Blue Streak was the first new wooden coaster built at the park since the 1920's, being built on the approximate site of the Leap the Dips coaster. Cedar Point almost disappeared in the 50's, when an investment firm wanted to turn the park into a housing development. The public did not go for this idea, however, so they gave the old park one more chance. The Blue Streak is a tribute to that last chance, one which wound up making Cedar Point the largest ride park in the world.
Blue Streak
Blue Streak
Once in a while, Lake Erie can produce some high winds and rain storms. However, even in the worst of weather, the sun seems to always shine on the Blue Streak. 

Of course, it never rains at the park. You may experience some of the Liquid Sunshine of Cedar Point, but it never, ever rains! Fortunately, many of the rides still run in the liquid sunshine, as long as there isn't any lightning. Let's face it, it would not be intelligent to be on a large structure sticking up in Lake Erie during a thunderstorm! For the rides that have to close, they usually are not closed for long. Lake Erie storms usually only last an hour or two, then the sun comes back out, and the rides reopen. Despite being Cedar Point's oldest coaster, the Blue Streak is one of the rides that can continue to run in a rather significant about of rai..., er, I mean, liquid sunshine!

Blue Streak
As we exit from the Blue Streak, we can see the Turnpike Cars. The Turnpike Cars are small gas-powered go-carts that run on a track with a guide rail. You get to steer these yourself, but, if your driving skills are not quite up-to-snuff, the guide rail will assist you. Before Raptor came along, there were two Turnpike Cars tracks. Now, only one remains. If you're bringing kids to the park, they typically love riding these cars! As proof, the lower picture is a photo of my nephew driving a turnpike car while his ol' uncle rides along, providing a little foot-pedal power, when needed. The gas pedal on the Turnpike Cars is kind of stiff, so small legs might have some trouble keeping it pressed. Turnpike Cars 

Turnpike Cars

Calypso In addition to the Turnpike Cars, you will also see the Calypso. This ride has been at the park for many years, but was moved to this site in 1994 to make room for Raptor. Calypso is a classic version of what I call a "spin-and-go-puke" ride, meaning that it'll keep you twisting, even after you've exited the ride! 
Cedar Downs
We are going back under Raptor and turning left back onto the Main Midway. On the left, you will see Cedar Downs, another of Cedar Point's antique carousels. This carousel simulates a horse race. The turntable moves quickly, while the horses move both up and down and front to back. You never know who will win the race! Hang on to the reins, because, whipping around at 15 miles per hour, Cedar Downs is one of the fastest carousels in the world! As an historical note, Cedar Downs was purchased by Cedar Point from Euclid Beach Park in Cleveland, Ohio, where it was known as Derby Downs.  This Oeulie & Church Racing Derby carousel, built circa 1920, is one of only two in the United States.  Naturally, this history has landed Cedar Downs on the National Register of Historic Places.
Cedar Downs
Cadillac Cars
Just a bit farther down, you will see the Cadillac Cars. This is a very scenic go-cart ride, similar to the Turnpike Cars, but using antique-styled automobiles. The Cadillac Cars are another favorite with the kids.  I should know -- I used to drive my parents crazy with wanting to ride these over and over again!  (Sorry about the pun in that sentence.  Sometimes, I can't help myself!)
Up next, we come across a brightly colorful spin-n-go-puke ride, the Scrambler.  The ride has had several facelifts, but it has been spinning on this spot for many years.  It'll take you in and out and round and round as you try to figure out how to avoid squishing the person on your right! Scrambler
Matterhorn Who says there aren't any mountains in Sandusky, Ohio?  Here, you can go sledding around the Matterhorn.  Matterhorn is another one of Cedar Point's classic spin-n-go-puke rides.  You'll go swinging to the sides as you fly over the peaks in your bobsled.  While you can't have snowball fights on this mountain, at least you can leave the mittens at home!

For The Kids

Cedar Point provides fun for all ages. On the right side of the Main Midway, next to the Cedar Point Coliseum, is Kiddy Kingdom, a large kiddieland area for the youngest Cedar Point visitors, and one of three kid-oriented areas of the park.  Kiddy Kingdom
Hot Rods There are 13 different rides for the kids in Kiddy Kingdom. 

Rev up those engines!  To the left are the Hot Rods.  It was too long ago for me to remember, but I'm told I rode those Hot Rods for more than 2 straight hours when I was 3 years old in 1970. 

Prepare for some off road adventures.  To the right are the 4x4s.

Helicopters It's time to take to the skies!  On the left are the Helicopters.  The riders get to determine the height of their helicopter using a control bar. 

OK, pull over, buddy.  You're going just a bit too fast.  On the left are the Police Cars.

Police Cars
Mustangs Drop the top and cruise in style in the original pony car.  On the left are the Mustangs. 

Then, go way back in time and drive the Old Timers on the right.

Old Timers
Kiddy Kingdom Carousel
At the heart of Kiddy Kingdom is the third of Cedar Point's beautiful antique carousels.  This one was built by the Dentzel company circa 1925.  Back in 1938, this carousel was located at the World's Fair in Chicago.  As for that magnificent horse pictured at the right, it was featured on a U.S. postage stamp in 1988.  As can be seen from the tiger following the horse, this carousel contains a menagerie.  (For those not familiar with carousel terminology, a menagerie carousel contains other animals in addition to horses.)  Naturally, like Cedar Point's other two antique carousels, this one is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Kiddy Kingdom Carousel
Motorcycles Strap on the leather jacket and rev up the Harley!  On the left are the Motorcycles. 

Since Cedar Point is located on a beach, it's only natural that there would be Dune Buggies on the right.

Dune Buggies
Sir Rub-a-Dub's Tubs The kids even get their own water ride.  Sir Rub-a-Dub's Tubs is the relaxing cruise shown on the left. 

For yet another spin, check out the Roto Whip on the right.

Roto Whip
Krazy Kars As if all those rides aren't enough, there's even a bit of driver's training available in order to prepare for the streets of any big city. 

On the left are the Krazy Kars, a junior-sized Dodgem car ride.

Kiddy Kingdom Cedar Point has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but some parts of the park have remained the same for a long time.  On the left is the Kiddy Kingdom Sky Fighters ride as seen in 2007.  On the right is the same ride, in the same spot, when I was riding it in 1971. 

I'm not really sure why I was facing backwards in the ride.  Perhaps I was anticipating the thrill to come in another 34 years when Wicked Twister would spin me both backwards and forwards near this spot!

1971 Kiddy Kingdom


Centennial Theatre
Cedar Point isn't just rides. One of Cedar Point's best shows can be found at the Centennial Theatre, opened in 1970 to celebrate Cedar Point's 100th anniversary. This year's show is Signed, Sealed, Delivered, featuring songs from the 50's and 60's.  The Centennial Theatre is a great place to go when it's hot, since this theatre is air conditioned! This show runs from June 7 through August 17 (except Thursdays). 

The picture at the right shows Rockin' Round the Point, which played at the Centennial in 1996 and 1997.

Rockin' Round The Point


Coliseum Arcade There are many different games along Cedar Point's Main Midway. The most prominent structure, the Cedar Point Coliseum, contains the Coliseum Arcade. Cedar Point's largest arcade is housed in one of the park's oldest buildings. How old? If you were to go up to the second floor, you would see the Cedar Point Ballroom, where big bands performed in the 30's, 40's and 50's. Upstairs, it looks about the same now as it did then. Downstairs, you'll find the latest arcade games, plus some old favorites, some games of skill, and a virtual reality game. Cedar Point Ballroom
Main Midway Games Area
The Main Midway also houses the main Cedar Point Games of Skill area. Included in this area are games like Break-a-Plate, various water race games, and Whac-A-Mole, to name just a few.  Due to difficulty in finding replacement parts, the long-time favorite of Fascination saw its final season in 2000. 
There are all sorts of ways to test your skill.  The Three Point Challenge was added in 2006 next to the Demon Drop.  You've got 40 seconds... Can you make enough baskets before time expires? Three Point Challenge
Midway Guessing Game Of course, the Main Midway also has my favorite game, The Guessing Game, located next to the Cadillac Cars. See if you can fool The Guesser on your age, weight, or birthday month. After all, how can you look a birthday month? During my first summer working at Cedar Point, I helped the crew of this scale on a very busy day -- at the time, it was a record-setting day for The Guessing Game for a single location. That record has been broken many times since, but it was a milestone in 1986.


There is all sorts of good food along the Main Midway. Near the entrance, you will find Hurricane Hannah's, which opened in 2006.  Formerly the Hofbrau Beer Garden, this restaurant has some unusual offerings, including a hamburger with a pineapple topping.  This tropical paradise will blow you away! Hurricane Hannah's
Hot Potato and Icee Cedar Point has quite a variety of French fries.  Hot Potato has a thick-cut fry that's absolutely delicious.  Right next door, you can concoct your own flavor of Icee by mixing a variety of different flavors together in the quantities you desire.
It's Donut Time!  Want to catch a bit of breakfast to start your day?  Or, are you seeking a sweet snack to keep you going?  Added in 2004, Donut Time comes to the rescue. 

This restaurant not only has homemade donuts, it also has muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and Starbuck's coffee. 

If you need to get on the Internet, Donut Time can fill that need, too.  It has a wireless hot spot if you've got your own laptop with you, and there are some computers available for your use if you didn't bring your own.

Donut Time
Midway Market
In 1997, Midway Market was added, which is really the best food value in the park. Midway Market provides a new concept in amusement park eating. The restaurant allows you to sit in air conditioned comfort while enjoying the many different foods on the all-you-can-eat buffet. The buffet includes beverages and dessert. It would be easy to spend the same amount of money on a foot long hot dog, fries, soft drink, and ice cream, yet the Midway Market food is quite a bit more substantial. Of equal importance, the food is quite tasty! Don't miss the sundae bar!
Johnny Rockets 
A trip back in time can be enjoyed at Johnny Rockets, nestled at the corner amongst the games area.  They've got burgers, shakes, malts, and some 50's styled fun.  When you sit down, pop a nickel in the juke box and select your favorite oldie!  The wait staff also has their favorite tunes.  Should one of them start playing, the staff may suddenly break into song and dance.  You'll get great food, and a fun show as well!  The enthusiasm of this staff really shows what Cedar Point is all about.  Over the years, I've been to over 180 amusement parks.  Not one of them had anything that compared to the experience of eating at a Johnny Rockets run by a lively Cedar Point staff.  Although they are now popping up at other parks, this Johnny Rockets restaurant is the first one to reside at an amusement park.  The style may be old, but this restaurant popped onto Cedar Point's midway in 2001. 
Johnny Rockets
The Main Midway is also a good place for purchasing fudge, taffy, and cotton candy. Cedar Point's confections are delicious -- be sure to take some home! Sweets 'n' Treats
Toft's Ice Cream Parlor  If you're looking for something a bit cooler, check out the Toft's Ice Cream Parlor.  Just look for the cow. 

Toft's makes some really delicious ice cream.  The employee housing has a little shop that used to sell pints of Toft's ice cream.  For all four of my summers working at the park, at the end of a hot day, I'd be in that shop getting myself a pint of Toft's chocolate!  In spite of that nightly snack, I still lost weight during each of those seasons.  Could it be that I found the perfect ice cream diet?  It's possible, but your results may vary.  The author assumes no responsibility for those who gain weight due to eating a pint of Toft's chocolate ice cream every day!

Toft's Ice Cream Parlor
Game Day Grille
The Game Day Grille made its debut in 2004, replacing the Silver Dollar Cafe.  There are some great meals in this sports-themed restaurant, and you can enjoy watching various sporting events on TV while you eat.  On opening weekend 2004, I had the "Sacrifice," which is an open-faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy.  It was delicious!  You can also watch Raptor zoom by your table.  The big bay windows provide excellent views of Raptor. 
If I didn't mention the Corral, I'd probably be yelled at by a friend of mine who worked at that stand some years ago. Corral, located next to Cedar Downs, is the largest of Cedar Point's food stands. Just a word of advice. While all Cedar Point food is good, the sheer volume of food that goes through Corral makes it just a bit less special than food obtained at the smaller food stands. Additionally, Corral tends to be the busiest of the stands, so your wait will typically be longer here than at the smaller ones. 

Burger Patio is attached to Corral.  As you may guess, it has burgers. 

There is seating next to the Burger Patio and behind the Corral.  Just beware of possible Raptors swooping down to grab your food! 

Burger Patio and Corral
Subway Sometimes, you just want to eat something with which you're familiar.  In that case, it's Subway to the rescue. 

Perhaps you're just looking for a snack  You can find some fantastic gourmet hot pretzels, complete with dippin's!  I'm drooling just thinking about it!  Just a quick word of warning.  In the fall, the yellow jackets seem to like these pretzels, too.  One year, I failed to notice a yellow jacket that landed on the back of my treat.  He noticed my hand, however, and gave it a nice little sting.  For the rest of that day, I was walking around (and riding) holding an ice pack.  It still amazes me that I didn't lose the ice pack while on Raptor.  What a shock that would have been to someone walking underneath!

Gourmet Pretzels
Kiddyland Refreshments Naturally, the kids can get hungry while they're playing, too!  This very colorful building in Kiddy Kingdom is a convenient place to grab a quick bite in between rides on the Sky Fighters and other such rides.
Sometimes the food stands can even be found in rather tight locations, such as the Sky Ride Refreshments, located in the station building on the Wildcat Midway end of the Sky Ride. 

One thing's for certain -- there's no need to go hungry on the Main Midway of Cedar Point!

Skyride Refreshments


Lotsa Palooza Of course there are gift shops. You can find all sorts of Cedar Point souvenirs at the gift shops on the Main Midway.  Located between the Demon Drop and the main Games area is Lotsa Palooza.  Renovated for 2006, this site contains stuff for girls and "Tweens." 

For some upscale-style gifts, look to Park Plaza, located next to the Midway Carousel. 

There's also a small gift shop within the station building under the Main Entrance end of the Sky Ride.

Formerly Hatittudes, Attitudes contains some t-shirts with a bit more spice than is normally found at Cedar Point.  If you're looking for something different, give Attitudes a try. Attitudes
If you are looking for T-Shirts, I suggest going to the Pagoda gift shop, located west of the Coliseum Arcade, as it contains the largest T-Shirt shop in the park. However, all of the stores carry some unique merchandise, so if you are looking for that special item, be sure to check out all the shops. The Cedar Point videos are a great way to remember your visit. You can also get souvenir maps, or a book on the history of Cedar Point.
Snoopy Boutique If you'd like Peanuts merchandise, don't miss the Snoopy Boutique, or you'll really be in the dog house!  Also, the kids may enjoy the play area located inside this shop. 

Back in time, this building housed Cedar Point's Earthquake ride, simulating a drive through the great San Francisco Earthquake.  When that ride was removed, the Berenstain Bears moved in.  When the Bears decided to hibernate, Snoopy took over.  Hopefully the Beagle will be here for a while!

Snoopy Boutique
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